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Carpet cleaning pros

Professional carpet cleaning services. Proper carpet cleaning can provide  a healthier environment. It is recommended to clean your carpet twice a year. Ensuring a longer life on your carpets as well maintaining a healthier place of living. We employ HOT WATER EXTRACTION. Any contaminants are removed from your carpets. This is the most recommended method of carpet cleaning. By using professional cleaning products they ensure a more deep cleaning of the carpets. 

Why choose us?

-Simply we are the best.

We are a reliable and hardworking house cleaning company with many years of experience.  Our goal is to provide the best cleaning service. We provide top quality cleaning service, great customer support and affordable rates. If you are having a problem finding a cleaning service that provides consistency high quality work, please give us a call.

We use natural cleaning products because many common household cleaning products can contain potential dangerous toxins that can lead to illness, fatigue and even some diseases. In respond Hospitals and schools are switching to environmental safe, effective cleaners to increase health among family members, clients, and employees while decreasing disposal costs of traditional household toxins and preserving the environment.

EA Carpet and Home Cleaning was started on the promise of providing clients with a unique house cleaning service that would leave you with a vacation feeling in your own home. We offer the highest quality professional cleaning services in the San Francisco bay area.

Pictures say more than words!
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