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Floor Tile Installation

Tile flooring not only offers a beautiful and decorative touch to your home, it also can be highly dirt-resistant. But even the most dirt-resistant tiles need frequent TLC and cleaning to ensure they stay at their shiniest and cleanest. At Modernistic, we recommend scheduling regular tile and grout cleaning. The frequency of these cleanings can vary based on the type and color of your tile as well as how old the flooring is.


Extending the Life of Your Tile

Tile is covered with a special glazing that keeps it gleaming and prevents dirt and other substances from penetrating the surface and causing it to appear dirty. If you do not regularly clean your tile, grit from the bottoms of your shoes can dull the glazed surface. Cleaning your tile regularly can keep the dirt from destroying the glaze of your tile, thus extending the life of your tile.

Avoiding Expensive Replacement Tile 

Unfortunately, replacing dingy, dirty tile does not come cheaply. Like many things in life, preventive maintenance can prove much less expensive than replacing a large amount of tile. Regular cleaning helps to preserve the life of the sealant for your tile, reducing the amount of time between cleaning your tile floor and replacing it. If you focus on maintaining your tile regularly, it should last you for many years.

Reducing Mold 

Mold that collects in the grout of tile is the enemy of any homeowner. Not only does mold make your home appear dirty, it also can impact your overall health. Mold can be highly allergenic, causing you to experience increased risks for symptoms like cough and difficulty breathing. Professional and regular tile and grout cleaning can reduce the likelihood that mold will build up in your grout.

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